Staff Testimonials


After working at Daneswood for five and a half years I can easily say it is the best, most rewarding job I have ever had. It is a pleasure to support all of the young people that live here and they all have such great personalities.

Daneswood is a very friendly and welcoming place and is a great company to work for, they have become like a second family to me.

Daneswood Staff Testimoinals


I get great job satisfaction. At the end of my shift I can go home, I can go home and know that the young people have been cared for with a sense of love and security and have had a fulfilling enjoyable day. Exceptionally good ongoing training helps me achieve my goals and improves the support that I give to the young people.

Daneswood Staff Testimoinals


I love coming into Daneswood and I learn and achieve something new every day. You get the chance to get to know and support all the young people that live here. This is truly the best job I have ever had. I wish I had come here years ago. I always go home knowing that I’ve had a great shift.

Daneswood Staff Testimoinals


I’ve been working at Daneswood for 6 months. Each shift is fun and exciting with different activities to do with the young people we look after. The staff offer so much support and I always have someone to go to. Working with our young people is a rewarding job, we build great bonds with them and the best feeling is when they great you with a massive smile. Daneswood is an incredible place which I love coming to.

Daneswood Staff Testimoinals


Working at Daneswood is an amazing experience, with a diverse range of residents and staff it makes the job so rewarding and fun, a truly special and unique place I feel very lucky to work here.

Daneswood Staff Testimoinals