Parents Testimonials

Daneswood offers a very good variety of social, physical and learning activities that ensure our daughter’s progress and wellbeing.

The staff provide her with a high level of care that is appropriate and sensitive to her needs. They also make every effort to keep our family informed and involved with her daily life.

We are delighted she is in an environment where she feels secure, happy and at home.

Helen and Paul Gee

Daneswood care home is surrounded by beautiful countryside with access to some lovely country walks. Rooms on the upper floor have views right over the Bristol Channel to Wales, while there are spacious communal rooms on the ground floor.

An invaluable aspect of the home is that each resident has a core team of two to three staff which helps them to make meaningful relationships and promotes continuity of care.

Jean and Stephen Croft

Our wonderful, profoundly autistic son has been at Daneswood for more than 11 years now and in that time we have seen real improvements in his behaviour, the way he handles challenges and, most importantly, he has come to see Daneswood as his home from home.

With the patient help and guidance of the staff working with him, our son has grown as an individual, maturing into a kind and compassionate young man. Although he does not speak, he can express his emotions and makes sure we can all understand what it is he needs; this is all thanks to the dedicated team who work with him at Daneswood, who make sure his needs are always paramount.

Daneswood itself has gone through changes, all for the better, and now we see our son has a kitchen to use, where he does his cooking (with help!), he can clean up and tidy, although his version of clean is very much ‘man clean’!

We are delighted with Daneswood, its staff, its ethos, its setting and the way everyone there has always strived to do only the best for our son.

Nigel and Marcia Coles

Entrusting the care of your son/daughter to somebody you know on a short term basis is a big decision, entrusting that care to a 3rd party “institution” “forever” is probably the biggest decision you can make.
So it is with great confidence we can say that placing our son at Daneswood was the best decision we ever made.

Our son moved into Daneswood just as he turned 18 and has been there for 8 years now and we have witnessed a superb standard of care over that time.

This was exemplified recently when he had to have his gall bladder removed at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. Daneswood immediately offered 24/7 “cover” with his carers volunteering to do double shifts at the hospital despite a long commute from Weston-Super-Mare.

This dedication is the norm at Daneswood and we cannot recommend it highly enough.

Catherine & Peter Stephenson

Our daughter was one of the first to join Daneswood and it has now been her home for the past eleven years. She loves the people and the life and we are more grateful than words can say that she is safe amongst caring, wise and sensitive people. Daneswood’s outstanding team is committed to meeting our daughter’s individual needs with continuous improvements and adjustments to her programme so that she has a rich and purposeful life. She still loves to come home to us but she clearly loves going back to her home, which is Daneswood.